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Three Jays In Flight

snowshoetrail.jpg (2)

backlit by
a Febraury sun –
three jays in flight

© Joseph Casey, 2014.


Catch Inward Breath


catch inward breath –
the distant clamor of
a murder of crows

© Joseph Casey, 2014.


I apologize for not getting around to doing any blog reading lately. I’ll get there. Take care –

Clattering Dead Leaves


clattering dead leaves –
strength of the Oak professed
on winter winds

Joseph Casey, ©2013.


I struggled a little bit with the capitalization of “oak.” But I wanted to emphasize Oak as a species or entity, not a single tree in the woodland.

Ellie and Trapper in Our Winter Wonderland

100_3897 (2)

100_3898 (2)

100_3900 (2)


100_3912 (2)

I know most of you who visit here are poets, but sometimes I get really good photos while out on walking meditations. Here are a few from the other day I feel like sharing.

Gentle Snowfall

street lamps

gentle snowfall
beneath the street lamp –
nightdress at her feet

Joseph Casey, ©2013.


I do not have an image of a street lamp at night, so this image gotten here, and then doctored a little.