It’s YOU That Instilled Confidence…

…and for that, I thank you.

I still feel like I haven’t found my writing feet, but I do know what I like and why – at present. Haiku and haibun keeps me from blathering on, which is easy for me to do, especially through my fingers. Another thing that bothers me is all the I‘s and me‘s I use if I’m not careful.

Haiku and haibun keep me focused. Writing haiku and haibun on WordPress, and giving it up for the poetic community here, has given me confidence enough to try to submit some stuff to online publications.

And voila! Haiku Journal has accepted a poem and made it available in paperback! This is kind of a big thing for me. I love to write, but really need to focus on practical matters, as I am the only source of income for a family of five. You know? One of these days, I’ll take more time to get really good.

I have a brother who writes novels, short stories and newspaper articles. I have an uncle that has written a song played by a local band and is currently a writer for a role playing game company. We’ve all encouraged each other, but I caved in to practicality a long time ago. I feel good about my chances coming. I’m currently working on a couple of fantasy stories and may have fallen in love with haibun. I’m not in competition with my relations, but it gives more reason to share a few more mugs of brown ale together.

Anyway, I’m blathering again, and just want to get this out there. Thank you to WordPress and the WordPress poetry community for the inspiration and encouragement. Y’all ROCK!