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Swaying Prairie Grass – Haiku


swaying prairie grass –
breath coming in
breath going out

© Joseph Casey, 2014.


Thinking a little far ahead, here. We’re in the deep freeze for another week…

Long Awaited Smile – Haiku


long awaited smile –
find first egg
of the year

© Joseph Casey, 2014.

Awaiting Revelation


flickers of hope –
under trees and
beside streams –
a depressed mind and spirit
awaiting revelation.


© Joseph Casey, 2014.

Puff Of Pixie Dust


puff of pixie dust –
snow slips from
upper oaken branch

© Joseph Casey, 2014.

Three Jays In Flight

snowshoetrail.jpg (2)

backlit by
a Febraury sun –
three jays in flight

© Joseph Casey, 2014.