Time To Get Back At It

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope your holidays are going well. As for me, I don’t remember the holidays ever sneaking up so fast. Time for creativity has been minimal, even when I purposely try to set aside time for it. Well – the holidays for the most part are over, and it’s time to try to get back in the game.

The writing that I put on this site is normally accompanied by a “watercolor painting,” but they are really my photos that I take and play with on an editing site. I would really like to create my own art for my poems, and have started taking steps to accomplish that.

My family have gifted me with a sketch pad and pencil set to help me on my way. So, I will be sharing my progress on the art front, as well as the poetry. That’s what a blog is for, no?

After doing a little doodling, I was able to get a couple of drawings out today, and found myself wishing I had colored pencils to help flesh them out. My goal is to create pen and ink watercolors, but first, there needs to be solid progress with basic drawing. So, I put these two together and scanned them, and will post them again when I get color on them. The quality of the scan is not good, I know. And the drawing could get better, too.

drawings 001

Time to get some writing done, and catch up on some blog reading.

Take care and Merry Christmas!