Not In Memory Only

by O'Hara

This right ankle going bad. The effects of aging will not destroy our “one with.” Warming winter’s lunch on hobo stove with dry cedar and pine kindling. Bringing wild brown trout to hand in rich autumn spawning hue. Near motionless stalking of swallowtails on woodland flowers. Sitting on moist, warm, spongy earth watching bees visit the bland gooseberry flowers. I swear the beauty will not live in memory only.

ruby-jewelled twigs
reminder of last summer –
lean on walking staff

ruby-jewelled twigs

J. Casey, Blackbirds Above The Marsh, ©2013.


Thank you! to everyone who has visited and followed my blog this past week. I have been most overwhelmed by the attention and hope that I have visited everyone who has visited me. I hope you continue to visit, and hope most of all that I can keep creating.

I have been reading Haibun lately, and though I don’t know a whole lot about it, find it fun to read. So I figured what the heck, why not try to branch out from haiku a bit. I’ve got a lot to learn about both forms, but the only way to get good at them is to keep trying.