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A New Start

After much deliberation and un-knotting of various threads of thought, I have decided to start over with my pursuit of haiku (and the like) writing at a new site. If you are into haiku and those kinds of writings, please consider following me there. And, ahem, I’ve decided to use my real name this time (cough, cough, cough). And I may be bringing some of the haiku written here over to there soon.

Anyway, I hope many of you find your way there to :


Swaying Prairie Grass – Haiku


swaying prairie grass –
breath coming in
breath going out

© Joseph Casey, 2014.


Thinking a little far ahead, here. We’re in the deep freeze for another week…

Long Awaited Smile – Haiku


long awaited smile –
find first egg
of the year

© Joseph Casey, 2014.

Awaiting Revelation


flickers of hope –
under trees and
beside streams –
a depressed mind and spirit
awaiting revelation.


© Joseph Casey, 2014.

Puff Of Pixie Dust


puff of pixie dust –
snow slips from
upper oaken branch

© Joseph Casey, 2014.